The muddle of the road

Councillor Thomson has been good enough to respond to our letter on the A84 Kildean – A9 Stirling University link road. In his reply, Stirling Council’s portfolio holder for the environment says that TACTRAN has been made fully aware that the Kildean link road is “not acceptable to the current administration”. We also learn that a review of the City Transport Strategy is to be carried out, and that a timetable on the implementation of a new Local Development Plan – which does not include the road – is up for approval by Stirling Council next month.

However the issue of the joint council Regional Transport Strategy Delivery Plan still remains. If Stirling Council recently assessed and reviewed the actions in the Delivery Plan then why, given that the road is “not acceptable”, did they not take that opportunity to have it removed from the plan?

We also asked about the stakeholder consultation on the full Delivery Plan, as promised at the TACTRAN meeting on 29. April last year – step (v) in section 2.4 is to “Consult with other Key Stakeholders”. As yet it is still not clear what sort of consultation there will be on the completed plan, or who will be involved.

This expensive and unnecessary road scheme will continue to be a possibility (and continue to be a concern for many residents in Cornton and Bridge of Allan) as long as it remains in the RTS Delivery Plan. We refer to it as a link road, but really it’s more of a diversion, not only diverting much needed investment away from improvements in public transport but also from infrastructure projects that would make walking and cycling safer. If it is taken out of the Delivery Plan following consultation with stakeholders and doesn’t find its way into the new Local Development Plan or Transport Plan, then perhaps we’ll finally see the end of the road.


~ by stirlinggreens on 12. March 2009.

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