Asking who’d love to see a rejuvenated and enhanced town centre in Dunblane is akin to asking who would like free money.

Last year’s Community Views survey revealed concerns over a High Street variously described as “run-down” or “dead”: respondents noted a lack of decent cafés or restaurants and a poor choice of shops. In answer to “Dunblane would be a better place if…”, there was clear desire for a revitalised town centre area. In fact, the number one priority indentified in the survey was regeneration of the High Street and Stirling road.

Of course, creating a vibrant, attractive town centre with a diverse selection of local shops and services is easier said than done. Any ideas to build a strong, self-reliant local economy ought to be given a fair hearing, and it is essential that the town’s residents are able to voice their opinions.

This brings us to a public exhibition to be held in the Victoria Hall on 29 and 30. June (11am-8pm). Is a new supermarket – to be built on part of the golf course – the key to rejuvenating the town centre? We are sceptical. Apart from the chance to stick a tenner on the 3.30 at Wolverhampton, a large supermarket will provide all the goods and services currently available on the High Street, and in all likelihood, undercut local retailers at the same time. Not exactly ideal conditions for the hip and groovy town centre that survey respondents wanted to see.

Whether or not you share our reservations, if you want a better High Street that meets the needs and aspirations of the local community, please go along to the exhibition, listen to the developers and tell them what you think.


~ by stirlinggreens on 16. June 2010.

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