You gotta make it happen

In some strange parallel universe, we’re probably really busy right now, mulling over the finer points of a devastatingly innovative conference motion proposing a moratorium on daytime TV. Think of the carbon savings! In the spirit of the legendary kids’ show, Why Don’t You?, it would also make everyone Go Out And Do Something Less Boring Instead, which can only be a good thing. Would anyone really miss Jeremy Kyle and all those programmes about bric-a-brac auctions? Anyway, this radical idea isn’t likely to feature at our annual conference, which will take place from 5-7. November at Napier University’s Craiglockhart campus in Edinburgh.

“Green Scotland: Making It Happen” will feature discussion and debate with Green co-leader Patrick Harvie; Robin Harper MSP; the UK’s first Green MP, Caroline Lucas; Harriet Lamb, Chief Executive of the Fair Trade Foundation; Edinburgh councillor Alison Johnstone; land reform campaigner Andy Wightman; and – a bit of local interest here – founder of Going Carbon Neutral Stirling, Rachel Nunn.

Breakout sessions hosted by leading campaign organisations including Shelter Scotland, the Electoral Commission, Amnesty International and Children in Scotland will be held throughout the weekend. We’d like to say that live music will be provided by Arcade Fire, Kylie Minogue and Prince, but again, that would only be in a strange parallel universe.

This is the Scottish Green Party’s main event of the year and all members are encouraged to attend! Further information – a nice little information leaflet and booking form – can be obtained from the Edinburgh Greens.

As we prepare for the Holyrood elections, we have a crucial opportunity to present a positive and inspiring vision of how genuine Green policies would transform Scotland for the better. Book your place at this year’s conference and let’s get ready to make it happen!


~ by stirlinggreens on 6. August 2010.

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